Endodontic Dentistry

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Your teeth are worth saving.

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Nothing looks, feels or functions like your natural tooth. Regular brushing and flossing, along
with six-month check-ups from your dentist, can help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.
Sometimes your teeth may have infection or disease and will need additional care. When
possible, you should always consider treatments to save your teeth. You may think, why not have
a tooth pulled, especially if no one can see it, but you will know your tooth is missing and it will
negatively impact your quality of life.
Don’t get a tooth pulled because you think its easier or more cost-effective. Missing teeth can
cause other teeth to shift, affect your ability to properly chew and ruin your smile. Tooth
extraction often is more painful than the infection itself, and replacing an extracted tooth with an
artificial one requires additional dental visits that can quickly add up.